Lysa Harrington

Queen of Swingout Soul

Born in Des Moines, Iowa under the legal name of Phyllisa Harrington and raised in Omaha, Nebraska Lysa has your typical coming of age roots as a singer. At the early of 10 years old, you could find her singing in the church choir and school competitions. In her adult life, Lysa rose to the top of corporate America becoming a corporate manager which brought her to Louisiana where she began her music career.
Creating music that touches the hearts, minds and souls of people, while motivatingthem to enjoy life, is her mission in the music industry.

Lysa's first album “200% Women” released 2012, included hit singles like ‘Got My Own” and Dirty Dancing featuring Tucka.“Your Super Women”, released fall 2013 was another top quality release. Easily compared to the likes of Betty Wright, Millie Jackson, and a host of others, Lysa has staked her claim as Queen Of Swingout Soul with her strong vocals, top-notch production, and a variety of lyric content and dares anyone to come for her throne.

Backed by the production and writings of super-producer Roi Chip Anthony, who signed Lysa to his powerhouse Mohitz Entertainment, they have created a classic album for many years to come. Early release tracks like “Thunderkat”, “Cause You Love Me” (Denise Williams Remake), Sweet Nukie and the Sweet Nukie remix featuring Tucka, have been blazing nightclubs across the US since early 2015. Backyard Blues cuts like “Main Piece” and “That’s What Your Mouth Say” featuring Tyree Neal, will have the ladies telling the fellas where to get off at.

Now officially releasing a fan favorite “ Loving Life” a feel-good anthem set to a classic disco groove. Lysa is gearing up for the Loving Life Tour, set to inspire and motivate those that attend!